Mads Moeskjær


1. marts 2015

The Project / What is it?

Co-located, multiplayer mobile game for 3 players, taking place across the digital and the physical space, as the players’ physical presence is an active asset in the interactions of the game.The goal was to strengthen co-presence in mobile gaming. The game was created with a fellow student as a part of my Master’s Thesis that was graded A.

State: Beta Version.



The Setting / What’s going on?

A mad bomber is flying around in his zeppelin aircraft from where he trows bombs with cute animals attached to them. The 3 players are flying below where they at catching the bombs.The players’ goal is to release the cute animals from the bomb before they explode. The players have different tools and several tools are needed to free the animals, so the playes have to send the bombs back and forth while using their tools on shift.



Flinging / What the heck is that?

To optimize the awareness of the other players’ physical presence we created an interaction we called flinging.Flinging is used when a player sends the bomb to another player. This is done by pointing the smartphone at another player while swiping upwards, thus creating an illusion of the bomb flying across the physical space before landing on the other player’s smartphone.



The Process / How did we get there?



  • 1 to test co-presence in games with different flows and mechanics
  • 2 to test and optimize gameplay functions with focus on co-presence
  • 1 to test the game in different setups to clarify how the game mechanics works according to co-presence


User testing

Happened pretty much constantly – both with others and by ourselves – to make the game mechanics and interactions feel just right!


The Skills / What ‘tools’ did I use?

User Workshops