Mads Moeskjær


1. november 2012

The Project / What is it?

Digital installation for a media facade at an upcoming railroad station at DOKK1 in Aarhus, Denmark. The purpose of the installation is to create a visual representation of the railroad for the waiting passengers.

State: Non-interactive prototype.



The Concept / What’s going on?

The concept involves the following elements:

  • Circles: Represents the station. The number of circles shows the number of stations the train needs to cross before arrival at DOKK1.
  • Background: A silhouette of the cityscape of Aarhus. The cityscape is changing when the train is moving.
  • Human silhouettes: Passengers getting on an off the train are tracked by a camera and their silhouettes are shown inside the circle representing that station.


The Skills / What ‘tools’ did I use?

Media Facade